Oi, Visitor!

Mode60 is a Brazilian jewelry store for the American lifestyle, offering unique products with raw materials from this continental sized country, so diverse and rich in terms of natural resources. Our goal is to offer quality and innovative pieces and that you cannot find everywhere in the U.S. Also, our jewelry is plated with the finest 18K gold, using advanced technology in the process.

We feel blessed to have Brazilian products within an American company. As a proud Brazilian-American, this business was my way of bringing both worlds and cultures together. It is a bridge between roots and choices. Brazil is known for its one-of-a-kind sense of style and for being a very fashionable nation, where many top models start their careers. And we are happy to manage and sell these unique items for and from the place I embraced as my country, by becoming a proud citizen of the USA. 

Moreover, we work hard to maintain a personable and helpful customer service to clients who look for non-mainstream looks and gifts.

So... why "mode60"?

Good question! Mode is, well... mode. Synonym for fashion (from French mode, and similiar to my native Portuguese moda.) Also a noun for way, method, style. Simple and catchy for a boutique and the vision I had for my business.

As for the number 60? No, we are not a 60's, vintage brand. We are based in the Tampa Bay area, the place with the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen, and one of my favorite places is Pier 60, in Clearwater Beach. Thus 60 was the magic number to be added to our brand.

Now you know more about us, so come back often and make yourself at home.


Ana Santos